This Morning celebrate their 30th birthday in a unique way

To celebrate This Morning’s 30th birthday, the show brought back its iconic floating weather map. However, disaster struck as Alison accidently knocked a man into the water…Live on air!

Alison who is a presenter was tasked to present from the floating weather map in Liverpool. Unfortunately, for her as leaped from England to Northern Ireland her clothing go caught on the Welsh dragon which was also located on the map.

The man saw that she lost her balance and tried to help by putting his hand out….However, she accidently shoved him into the water.

As ‘the show must go on’ Alison finished the report, ending it by introducing the man, whose name was Chris and explaining that he was okay.

Back in the studio, Phillip and Holly covered their mouths in shock but couldn’t hide their laughter any longer.
Holly urged Alison to wrap the sailor in a towel ‘in case his white trousers went see through really quickly’.

The show also celebrated by showing clips of their memorable moments.


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