You want everything to go right for your big day… no room for errors. Everything has to be perfect!

After a wonderful ceremony, the guest were excited to greet the bride and groom at the reception hall to celebrate their matrimony in style. The guest waited outside for the couple but they did not turn up.

Sian and Josh Chapman had just tied the knot. After the ceremony, they jumped into a vintage 1930s car and excitedly headed towards the reception hall, only to find the car sputtering and stalling at the roundabout.

Luckily for the couple, police officer Mark Wood drove by and saw that the couple were stranded. The officer offered the couple a lift to the reception. Where the guest were shocked to see them rock up in the police car.

Sian’s sister later tweeted thanking the officer for saving her sister’s big day. She also stated that her and the guest were starting to get worried when the couple did not turn up.

That’s definitely unforgettable! In fact, PC Wood’s supervisor, Assistant Chief Constable Kerrin Wilson, was quick to say how pleased the department was to be on hand to help out. “It is not something he will ever forget and no doubt they won’t either,” she laughed.
We do love a happy ending! Congratulations, Sian and Josh. May your life together be filled with pleasant surprises just like this.


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